Make my 6month old sleep longer at night

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This question might have been raised before, so thank you for your patience. My six month old wakes up at about 3 am and does not sleep after that. I've tried pushing back his sleep timing in the evening but 7.30pm is as late he wants to stay awake till. By that time, he's fussed and cried over and both he and I are exhausted. He sleeps for a couple of hours in the morning between 7-9am and then usually an afternoon nap between 2-4pm.
Also he is formula fed, and even now he takes just 4oz of feed every 3 hours. He does not eat more. We've started him on rice cereal, does that affect how much milk they take?
His last visit to the doc was when he was 4 months old. And since birth he has been in the last 10 percentile of weight for his age group. Since he is consistently there, and he is otherwise physically active and mentally alert, the doc is not concerned about his lack of weight gain.
This past month, I got the cold/sore throat/cough and needed so badly to rest at night. But sonny boy just wouldnt let me sleep due to his habits. Any suggestions on what I can do?


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Wow, this must be very frustrating for you.  I think that you have him on a great schedule as far as naps and bedtime go.  I wouldn't change his bedtime.  He should be going to bed between 7 and 7:30 pm.  I would try not going in to get him when he wakes up.  See if he'll just cry himself back to sleep.  As long as he's thriving and doesn't need the 3 am feeding I think it would be better to leave him then go in the room.  That way he'll realize it's still night time.  The general rule is 3-4 nights and then they quit waking up so give it at least a few days.  Turn off the monitor, put a pillow over your head whatever it takes don't go in there unless you can tell your son needs you.  You may also want to consult with your Dr to see what he thinks. I think he should be sleeping until at least 6 am.  Check out Dr. Weisbluth Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Baby.  That was one of my favorite.

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