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I have a teenage son who rebels all that my husband (his father) has to tell him. My husband too as I see has very harsh methods of correction ( not physically beating but verbal abuse). My son chats up with me sometimes but still I feel it would be best if his father was more like a friend. Even as he is growing up I don’t see my husband discussing the physical changes his body will see in these growing years. This morning my son complained of one of his nipples hurting very badly. Is it part of physiologoical changes? Can a mom please advise as a mother how best can I communicate with my son about all these changes? Will I be able to make a difference since my husband is just not friendly with him? Please advise! thanks


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I think that this is definately something you must discuss with your husband. It is important for you to keep the lines of communication open. When your hubby is in a good mood, talk to him about the stuff going on with your son, and give him hints about having a chat with the boy.

Steer clear of putting your man on the defensive. Don't talk about what he is not doing, or doing wrong. Just encourage some positive behavior. And remember to always let him know when he does something right, too.

You can foster a better relationship between them, and keep your own bonds strong as well. =)

And, if all else fails, ask other male relatives to talk to your son, too

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The nipple thing is very normal. We call it stony's. A boys nipples develop just like a girls in the beginning but then dont grow like ours. Its perfectly natural so tell him not to worry.

I am a single mom of a son so I know where you are coming from in terms of the fact that we didnt go through the same things as the guys did. I find that asking my brother or my dad....even my son's father helps when I dont know.

I take a very chilled approach to everything that he is going through and I made myself a promise that if he has the guts to ask me a question then I must answer it honestly. It seems to be working very well and as a result my son and I are very close.

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