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Hey, my name is Mirm and I'm pregnant with my first baby. I work as a hostess in a rapidly growing medium sized restaurant. I'm running around, kinda bumping into things and basically in a manager position without the title... so I'm always stressed with new problems and customer conflicts.... well....I'm 14 wks pregnant and I don't know anything about maternity leave *just another stress i must overcome*..... when should i put it in, how long will it last, can they fire me since they know I'm pregnant and will be leaving for a bit.... any advice will surely help! thank you!!


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each work place has a different policy on maternity leave. i sugguest you go and talk to your boss about it. most places are either 6 weeks or 14 weeks maternity leave... tho some work places do not give maternity leave at all.

my work place is 14 weeks. we have to take compulsary maternity leave from 34 weeks unless we have written approval to work beyond that. our job will be held open for 12 months... so we can take as much unpaid leave as we like within that 12 months. i put my leave in the day i went on materity leave, but i had to stop suddenly due to fluid retention.

your work place cannot fire you due to your being pregnan, its discrimination. as long as you are full time and not on a trial period you will be fine.

the more notice you give your work for your maternity leave the better. but just remember you might not be able to work as long as you think you will. long hours of standing OR sitting without changing position can make you feel quite exhausted.

i worked til i was 36 weeks and by that stage i was well and truely ready to stop work. just let your body tell you when its had enough and needs to rest.

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