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Britt - posted on 07/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




It's about the dreaded childcare situation.

Ok so currently my 16 month old stays with my Mother in Law 4 days out of the week (while I am at work). However my MIL might be getting a job soon. It may be full time of part time. Anyhow she said she would still want to have my daughter over 1-2 days a week if it's part time. SO that means on Mondays she'd be with my husband, Tues and Wednesday (and very possibly Thurs) with a sitter and Fridays with my MIL (and of course the weekend with me). MY QUESTION is; is this too much moving around for my daughter? Or am I overeacting and my daugter will be able to handle that much change during the week?

Advice please!


Louise - posted on 07/06/2012




Your child will adapt to whatever she is doing. Dont worry about it to much. She is already used to your husband and your MIL so that will not be a big change for her. The new sitter will be the problem. I think you should consider a nursery rather than a sitter if you can afford it. Nurseries offer a different type of child care that is more educationally based and as she has already experienced home care from MIL a new experience would be good for her. Nurseries work on educational advancement, like pencil grips and finger painting and craft, colours and shape recognition. This would keep her stimulated in the future as each nursery room is structured to your childs age. As she grows her abilities will change and a nursery can be something stable in her life until school age. Always do your homework with nurseries. Ask for a tour, look at the kids and see if they are happy and look at the staff and see if they are cheerful. Look at the toilet areas and kitchens and see what activities they have on offer.

I think if you found a nursery you would have long term reliable child care that could be increased to full time should it need to be without any disruption to your child.

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