My 17 year old started smoking when he was 15 and we can't seem to stop him. We don't smoke and hate the thought of the health aspect. Any ideas


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Jaimie - posted on 12/23/2008




Well ladies I don't know that there is much you can do. It has nothing to do with what you have or have not done. Unfortunatly friends have a bigger influence on teenagers than we do. You can lecture about the effects, the death toll, the family lost, life cut short...they already know all these things. My suggestion...don't make it acceptable. No you can't smoke around me, not in my yard, not where I can see you, don't you dare smoke around you siblings, etc, etc, etc. Smoking is socially unacceptable, right now with their friends it's okay but as they get older & the high school friends disappear they will find fewer & fewer people who smoke. They will get turned down by girls they like because there are not many things more discusting than smoking. By the way heres what I know for smoking in mine & my husbands families His grandparents both smoked.all three of their kids never did, 2/3 my husbands siblings do. My parents both smoked both my sister do not.

User - posted on 12/23/2008




Hi-- I just discovered that my 16-year-old son just started smoking. He doesn't yet know that I know (as I discovered everything last night). No one in my home smokes either, and he has been talked to about smoking for quite some time, as we have lost several extended family members (that my son never got the chance to meet!) to the effects of smoking. He thinks he's covering it all up with cologne and gum, but I'm very sensitive to that kind of smoke and end up getting sick (another way I found out that he's smoking...)

I need some ideas as well....

Tina - posted on 12/17/2008




Hi Deidre, Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Discuss all of the horrible, bad things that can happen to him if he continues to smoke. Tell him about lung cancer. Mouth cancer, throat cancer etc. Hope this helps. How about a counselor at school? Or your family dr.?

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