My 2 year old won't sit on the potty for us

Gretel - posted on 11/20/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 2 year old sits on the potty just fine for the sitter, but won't for my husband and I. She throws a huge fit, so I'm hesitant to put her on the potty when she's screaming. The sitter thinks we should just put her on, but I don't want to turn her off the potty. Any suggestions?


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Let it go. Forcing her and encouraging a power struggle never works with a toddler! She's comfortable with the sitter, and it'll happen with you, just be patient (easier said than done, i know!) The more you push the issue, the more your toddler will push back. She's showing readiness by sitting on the potty with the sitter. It's a step in the right direction. You can let it go for a few days, then ask. If she says no, then just let it go again. It'll happen!

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i had a bad experience forcing my daughter to go potty, so I don't advise it. I was patient for as long as it took and it payed off. To me it sounds like your daughter is acting out, you need to find out why. find out exactly how your sitter takes her potty, every hour? rewards? encouragement? If you spend more time away from home then this could be your daughters way of wanting attention, throwing a fit about going potty. I'm just purely speculating based on my experiences, I could be wrong. I do know it's a good idea for parents and sitter to agree, even in potty training. you might have to find an avenue that works better for you though. I tried rewards with a sticker board, didn't work. I tried reading on the potty, didn't work. I finally gave my daughters a small piece of candy, tootsie roll, only when they went potty or poopoo in the toilet and it worked. they never got this candy any other time and once they got the hang of it I stopped the treats. I asked everyone I knew how they potty trained to get ideas. the best one for me was to work with my girls and not force them. oh and both my girls were potty trained by 4, I worked with them when they were 2 and 3. some good advice i got... "as long as they are potty trained by preschool/kindergarten who cares!" good luck!!

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