my 6 year old still wont sleep through the nite,what can i do please help?


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Crystal - posted on 03/13/2009




i agree with her... keep her on a regular schedual... even on weekends and everything... my kids both go to bed no later then 8:30 and usually sleep through the night till 6 (for my son) and 7 (my daughter)... sometimes i have trouble with my son sleeping all night but he is only 19 months. and my daughter only wakes up during the night when i'm stressed out. If you're stressed your daughter will feel it and react to it...

Wendy - posted on 03/13/2009




I have a 5, 3, and 1 year old all of which sleep through the night regularly, and for us, whenever they go to bed late (past 8pm) they would stop sleeping through the night.  Not sure why, but maybe when they got over-tired, they wouldn't sleep as well.  So when we keep their regular bedtime closer to 7pm (even for the 5 year old) they all sleep through the night (till 7am).  the older two have also given up naps.  I also turn down the light by 6:30 and begin calming them down by doing things like reading books or coloring and bathtime.  Good luck!

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