My 8 y/o son is very touchy, kissy, affectionate with me, not sure if it's because I'm having a baby

Sherry - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm due to have my baby any day now and my son seems very emotional about it. He kisses me and my tummy constantly (a little I dont mind) he does this a lot and gets upset when I say thats enough, how do I get him to not over-do-it without hurting his feelings?


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Sherry - posted on 08/18/2009




Thanks for the tips...he is very involved in welcoming the baby, he actually bought a few "little brother onesies" with his own money. I guess I got to continue reassuring him, it just feels a little weird him kissing on mommy so much...glad to know its not that unusual.

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It could be because you are having a baby because my oldest used to love and lay on my stomach when I was pregnant with his brother, but he could just be an affectionate child...both of my boys love hugs and kisses even though my 14 year old would hate to admit it....

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i have a 6yrs old he was the same way wheni was expecting my second.. he still is at times.. i have started to notice a pattern with it now.. if his brother is more fussy during the day and demanding my attention more so i dont get the chance to be with him then my oldest gets very clinging after his brother goes to sleep or even the next day.. he will make me promise at night to play with him more the next day. so i guess you just have to try to make sure you give them both equal amount of time and it is hard beileve me.. but when you get them to play together and play with them they both love it!! i also tell my eldest that he is his brothers role model. and he has to teach him how to play together. all kids are different of course and i am sure that you of all ppl know your child.. just show him that he has a big role to play once baby comes.. hope it helps and good luck!!

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One thing is to know that it is normal. I am going through this same thing with my daughter right now. Many children will, if under age 12, feel a need to get closer to mommy now before the baby come because they are scared of many things - loss of affection once it arrives, loss of mommy duing birth, etc.

Try to discuss some issues with him and see if he responds - or, if concerned with planting ideas in his head, simply reassure him that "once the baby gets hear he will be a big brother and a great helper to mommy" "Mommy will love you just as much and need you even more once the baby gets here - so save the loving energy for the baby too"

These type of reassurance statements can really go far in settling his nerves - even if he says he has no worries!

Be sure to have a gift for him once you bring baby home! He will need to know that things are changing but that you still care. Try having him get the baby a gift too so that he is aware of the love and how to properly express it. My husband is working with my daughter on getting a "welcome home mommy and baby" gift. I have NO IDEA what that is, but my daughter is so excited about it!

Best wishes on the delivery and this issue onthe home front

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