My baby is off to college, ouch. I'm so proud of him but how do I keep in touch without smothering?


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Celeste - posted on 09/06/2009




I know it's hard I've been where you are, but try not to call to much. Maybe once a week on a sunday. If they need you they will call. They will start missing you too.

Carol - posted on 09/05/2009




Thank you for the kind words of advice. Most of the time it's things we already know in our head it's the heart that is trying to catch up. It's just been nice to have this outlet of other mom's to bounce off of. I know it will get easier and trying not to stress out.

Eva - posted on 09/05/2009




My son is in his second year at Drexel, and I still have a 6 year old at home, but it was quite an adjustment last year. You send e-mails saying I LOVE YOU, or little care packages of their favorite stuff, but not tooo cutie-cutie or he will be quite embarressed. My son and I are very close, and I call before I visit, or beg him to come see me when I need a "fix". Fortunately, we are only 30 minutes from Philadelphia, and the train is so convienent. But all in all, I din't see him for a month at a time with his busy schedule.

Terry - posted on 09/02/2009




Hi Carol,

I can only imagine the sorrow in your heart, my boys are only 7 and 10, but I speak from my own experiences as a college student and daughter of very loving parents. My advice would be to allow the distance and let him come to you. Make sure he knows that you love him and you will always be there for him. Send him care packages and cards. Arrange to have a set day and time to call him to ease your mind but also not intrude on his new independance. Remember, transitioning into a college setting can be very difficult for both of you. So try not to push, but rather understand. I know as a parent our main goal is to help, but trust me, let him find his way and your relationship will be stronger because you did! Follow me @ I think you will enjoy the humor in my articles.

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