My daughter is 11 going on do I cope with her mood swings?!! help


Tabitha - posted on 04/24/2009




If the mood swings are overly excessive you may try talking to her pediatrician. There may be something more than just the age and change. If there are any mental disorders in your family or her father's family I would strongly recommend speaking with her pediatrician. Both my husband and my family have mental disorders and some are hereditary. Our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder about when she was 10 and that has added to her stress with the whole growing up phase. Do your best to keep communication lines open and as Tiffany said pick your battles. Just know that you are not alone. Most moms with teenage and preteen girls are with you. If you would like feel free to email me Maybe we can help each other through the rough times.

Monique - posted on 04/20/2009




She asking for attenion maybe you schould have a day with her and have some fun together like going shopping go out for lucnch and let her talk and you lissen .


Tiffany - posted on 04/20/2009




Hey Abigail, my best advice would be to try our best to ignore!!!! pick your battles!!!! my step daughter is 10 going on 20 and her moodswings are crazy, one minute shes happy the next shes pouting and saying there is nothing wrong??? so I know what ur talking about, at first I tried to talk with her/tell her that behavior wasnt right, but it didnt work, so now I ask if there is something wrong, if not I tell her if she needs to talk I'm here and leave her alone, if shes just is a bad mood and is being snotty to me I say I dont treat you that way, so dont treat me that way and leave it at that! dont let her get to you! you are the mom!!!! and try remember how you felt at her age, out of place! she my not understand her own feelings. best of luck.


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