My daughter is 3 1/2 and insists on going poopy in her pull-up. Any rewards we give her only work that day. It doesn't carry over to the next time. She has occasions BM's in the potty but VERY occasional. Any suggestions??


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Tricia - posted on 01/11/2009




thanks..i did put her in panties..and she does fine at daycare but when we go to public places is when she let's it out (gross) i went back to pull-ups for my own selfish reasons..and trust me..i know my little one is no angel..i have many nieces and nephews..already at the age of 3 she is such a manipulater..but i never did think of having her help with the clean-up..i do make a big deal of it with telling her how gross it is and how other kids her age go on the potty..and when she does go on the potty it is an instant reward..with "pp" on the potty stickers was that was easy..but poopy?? oh no..thanks for responding

Beth - posted on 01/11/2009




Take away the pull ups. Make a big deal out of it smelling badly and how awful it is that this is in her panties. Have her help with the clean up. Make things not so easy for her. She knows exactly what shes doing and you let her do it. We all think our kids are angels but deep down they know just how to manipulate us to get what they want early in life, and most of the time we give in. Speaking from experience, dont let her get away with it. Punishing her of course isnt the answer just make it sound like this is the most disgusting thing on earth. Be consistant. And hang in there....!!

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