My daughter is 6 months old and she has always went to her grandparents house and been fine when i left her there so they could babysit and spend time with her!!! But friday night i took her over and they called me an hour later and said she had been crying and saying mama the whole time!!!! I went to get her and she was fine once i held her in my arms!! It was so sweet but i dont want her to be dependent to just me because she is fixing to start daycare in a couple o]f weeks!!! Any advice??


Jen - posted on 03/15/2009




She's at the age for seperation anxiety. It's completely normal and she will outgrow it. My daughter only stayed with her grandparents until she started day care at 4 months. Your daughter will be fine. Just find something that she can have as a comfort item and she should be fine. There will obviously be some adjustment when she does start day care, but you can get used to it now by leaving her with her grandparents. My daughter is 15 months and will sometimes still get very mommy attached and cry when I drop her off. It will get better.

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