My daughter is on epilem since early last year . At times she does strange things like taking money, fighting , being selfish and this was never the case. What can I do?


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What is she on Epilem for and how old is she?

Selfishness is pretty normal for all children of many ages--not okay, it should be addressed through discipline, but it is nothing to worry about.

What do you mean by "fighting"? Is she arguing or is she physically hitting/beating up other children? Arguing is normal, again, it must be addressed, but usually when kids argue, they are trying to express an idea that is important to them. Listen to what she has to say, then offer feedback and teach her to express the idea in a less combative tone. If she is physically abusive toward others, you need to talk to a doctor.

Taking money is serious. Talk with her and ask her why she took it. Tell her that her response is not going to get her in trouble, but that you are trying to find a way to help her deal with the problem, and you need to know the problem in order to do that. If she is taking it because she wanted to buy something, set up extra chores she can do to earn extra money. If she wants more freedom to spend her money the way SHE wants to, rather than having to have all purchases approved through you, set up boundaries based on her age so that she is free to make some of her own spending decisions without having to discuss them with you. If she is taking it to spite or punish the person she is stealing from, teach her how to address that person to solve the problem she has with them. And so on--once you know WHY you can deal with it.

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