My kid is so Hyper active can't cotrol him , yet stubern need some advices !!


Stephanie - posted on 01/30/2009




I agree with the previous mums. A decent diet makes a big difference. Also, is he spending too much time w/ TV or video games? My kids get crazy when they don't get enough exercise. When they act up, I send them outside to run around. It helps!

Kelly - posted on 01/30/2009




I TOTALLY agree with Jodi--try cutting out preservatives.  This can be hard in today's processed-food world, but it definitely worked for my son.  This means no store-bought cookies, fruit roll-ups, chocolate milk, etc etc and the obvious--McD's etc.  It was not the sugar that made my son hyper.  It was the store-bought cake treats I gave him.  I make brownies and a batch of cookies once a week, so his sweet tooth gets fed, but I control the ingredients that go into them.  Voila!  A happy, and calmer kid.  Good luck!

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Have you tried reducing the amount of preservatives in his diet that what my paediatrician told me to do it worked to extent it is just a matter of removing one thing at a time, if not try asking his day care centre (if he goes to day care) for advice they may be able to suggest things as well. good luck!


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