my kid wont listen!!!


Gail - posted on 08/31/2009




Ahhh...3 years old, I'm a big boy one minute and the next I'm a baby...oh yeah not to mention the copying and of course the time where every child wants to feel like he or she has some kind of say in everything....What I started to do is to include my child in the everyday things, getting up in the morning and getting dressed for example, the night before I give her 2 choices of what to wear, it makes her feel like she is taking part in the decision making, another example is I drew a board with 3 responsibilities, I chose things that usually are cause for arguments and that she has no choice but to do herself, ex: put on and take off shoes, go to potty alone (but I help with the cleaning up) putting away toys before getting new ones out...every day that she succeeds she gets a sticker on the board and at the end of the week if she has enough sticker accumulated (you determine the amount) she gets to choose an activity on the weekend (usually going to the park with a pic nik or to the beach, in the winter its sliding and skating etc...) Of course it could be McDonalds where there is a Play center (like with the huge slides and stuff).
Second do not yell, children seem to turn off when you do, just eliminate the distractions, T.V. , Music, and talk to him reminding him of his chores and the reward that awaits him and if anything offer your help to encourage him. Be patient its not that he is not listening he wants to make the decision, so tell him ahead of time what will be happening, ex: after breakfast we need to brush our teeth ( do it together, then just check his mouth and say what a great job and oops missed a spot, thats hard to get too etc...)
I hope this helps but if you have anything in particular you are having a hard time with please specify, I have had so much help with my child, who is very single minded and stuburn (?) that I got all kinds of tricks.

Good luck, this will pass .. ok?


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Vicky - posted on 08/31/2009




my son is 3 next month and wont do anything i tell him too, if i tell him off he points and shouts back.x

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