My kids are not healhty physically,what should i do?

Mary Cloyd - posted on 07/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my kids ages 8 and 4. i want them to be healthy physically,mentally.and they are much influence with the kids in our place. they love to eat chips,candies, nonhealthy food. im studying so i cnt monitor them. pls help!! what should i do?


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Stephanie - posted on 07/25/2009




I would definitely go with buying healthier stuff and leaving that as their only options. They may not enjoy it for awhile, but believe me I wish my mom did that. I'm 22 and basically like no real meals and snack all day because that's what I did when I little. I HATE it, but I can't change because everything I try now doesn't taste good at all. I know kids who have been allowed to eat candy & sweets & drink juice all the time and that's what they love. We barely have juice or sweets around, so when we go somewhere our son reaches for fruit & milk before other things.

Ashley - posted on 07/24/2009




Bottom line is, at 8 and 4 they will eat what you allow them to eat. They cannot purchase these things without you. If your study comes before the lives of your children,there are options out there for them. I know it is important for you to finish school but it is equally important for your children to be cared for. The health of your children is your fault and yours alone. You need to make better choices for their sake. They will eat what you buy. If you want some healthy recipies that are fun too message me and I'll send you some. It sounds like first you need to straighten out your priorities. It is basic knowledge how to handle this. Buy healthy food=they eat healthy food, buy junk food=they eat junk food. It is you who is the deterrent. You admit you know what is happening is wrong and admit you can't monitor your children. You need to make some changes. Key word : YOU.

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