My one an a half yaer old needs sugury b/c she was born with a doubble thumb and we can;t afford sugury. dose anyone have a suggestion about help?


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Sarah - posted on 03/09/2009




WOW... Thats so sad. I live in Canada so we dont have problems like that, i havent paid a dime for healthcare and same with my sons eye surgery and prescriptions. Have you maybe thought of fundraising/ networking (even on facebook !) How much is it? Could you maybe even find a couple to people to loan you the money or something? Does the goverment have some sort of income support program to help you with what you cant pay for.  Or does the hospital no of any special children foundations or something that could help? I'm very sorry to hear this. I am a single mom of twin boys, not only is there nothing worse than being able to fix your finally being able to and not having the means to do it. My heart is really with you, sorry i cant really help... Im sure you'll find a way !

Angela - posted on 03/09/2009




Would you qualify for medical assistance from your state? Even if you income exceeds the general qualification guidelines, sometimes an extraordinary medical expense will put you over the line. I would call you local department of health and human services, or social services and find out.

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