my son is 3 he knows how to go pee in pot but want poop nor does he like to take his diaper off i work from 1130 am til 630 am any suggestion on what to do?


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Janette - posted on 03/07/2009




my daughter did not  poo in potty she  used to wee  even at night but  not  poo so i used to just leave her potty in her room with her nappy on her  she  used to take her nappy off and then use potty for pee  and poo but i agree  with danielle u need to be  firm and say no poo in potty and use  big pants !!

Leslie - posted on 03/07/2009




I have been struggling with this for a year and a half! Totally feel ya! I FINALLY got him to make 3 deposits in the last week. I've been nagging him and he's had a prompt trip to Chuckie Cheese as a reward hanging over his head FOREVER. I even told him we went because we went on the potty! His first deposit was actually an accident! He was tired, tooting and I got lucky! Try having 10 minutes a night of poopy time,with a book and try to get him to relax. You know, they say that boys hold out longer! Some type of bonding with mommy I tell him all the time, we don't need to bond like this, dude! I also show him what I have to do to clean his underwear and tell him how gross it is! Lastly, I use other tactics like, do you want to turn 4? 4 year olds go on the potty! I go on the potty! Daddy goes on the potty, grandma goes on the potty.....and on and on and Part of being that big boy he is striving to be. The funny part is he has started laughing at babies because they have to wear diapers! Please, let me know if any of this helps you! I guess, you have to just try, try and try some more. I am sure you are familiar! Best of Luck!

Danielle - posted on 03/06/2009




Is daycare forcing you to potty train him?  Maybe he is not ready yet.  When I started potty training my son, we had 2 failed attempts.  They always seem to get peeing down before pooping.  So I left him alone.  Then he started showing me signs he was ready, like asking me to change him when he pooped.  So I took a weekend at home and put him only in big boy underwear.  I made him got  to the bathroom like every hour but told him we didn't have anymore diapers so if he needed to poop he needed to go to the bathroom.  I have never had an accident or anything with him.  Every child is different, but if you can leave him until he is ready, I would say don't stress yourself.

Crystal - posted on 03/06/2009




This might sound funny, but have you tried making grunting sounds with your child or supporting his feet to help him push? My son's daycare provider told me that and I tried it (my son is 3 by the way) and he did it. Now he goes poop in the pot like a champ!

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