My son is six and is still having accidents.

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Hi, I'm worried about my six year old son. He still has accidents weeing himself regularly in the daytime. He's had loads of accidents over the xmas break and he comes home most days from school smelling of urine. Is this normal? Is he going to grow out of it soon?


Elizabeth - posted on 01/01/2010




My son was 7 before he was fully trained. We tried everything included putting him in pullups to get him to stop with the accidents. It worked for a while, well everything we tried did until I just let him alone. Don't worry about the accidents so much, you can't make him be trained. My son was obviously reacting to the tension in his house as his father and I are now getting divorced. Our marriage was on the rocks every since he was 2 which is when the potty training started. I promise you that he will get it as some point. He will eventually learn that this is not an ok thing to do and he'll get it.

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