My three months old hardly sleeps during the night


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Christine - posted on 01/16/2009




I agree with Kate. Donot pick your baby up if she cries during the night. Leave her in her crib

and sit with her in the room. If you need to clean her nappy then clean her and put her straight back in. Try to be quiet and very calm she will eventually realise it is night time and not play time. Also make sure her tummy is full. My son was in high care for a week under strong lights 24 hours, so when I brought him home he was awake at night. So I got some advise from the nurses. I kept him in the lounge during the day and left him to sleep with all the noise around. At night, the same time every night I would bath him and put him straight into his crib in his own room. The room was dark and quiet. He eventually after a week slept through the night. Now if he wakes up at night I leave him to play, he ends up going back to sleep by himself.

Also try to get someone to help you at night at least once or twice  a week especially if you are lacking sleep, theres nothing worse than trying to get your baby to sleep if you feel cranky as well from lack of sleep. She will sense your frustration.

Kate - posted on 01/14/2009




Put the child in her crib while she is awake. Do not rock her. She will cry but if you do this each night she will eventually cry less and less until she doesn't cry at all. Try to keep her awake at intervals during the day if you can but try to keep a consistent bedtime ritual. It will not kill her to cry a little. I did this with all three of mine and now they are no trouble at all during bedtime.

Teena - posted on 01/13/2009




I keep swinging her so that she gets a peaceful sleep. The problem is she is hardly awake during the day. Though I try hard to wake her up during the day, but to no avail. So at about 11 or 12:00 during night she wakes up, plays a little and becomes cranky thereafter.

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