Need advice on how to get your 2 year old ready in the mornings without him having a fit!!!

Valarie - posted on 08/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I get my son up about 6:40 or 6:45 a.m., in order to be out of the house by 7:10 or 7:15 a.m. He has good mornings and he has some mornings that he don't want to get out of the bed. He goes to bed on time.....he may just not be a morning person , so I have to get him up earlier and just have him to hang out until I get him dressed?


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My son just turned 2. He usually wakes up on his own around 7, sometimes 6:30 (he goes to bed about 8:15). But if he's not up by 7 I have to wake him to be out the door by 7:40. He likes the Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes (in vanilla ONLY though bless his heart). I let him watch a cartoon (or part of a movie - he's into Madagascar right now) while he drinks his shake and I finish getting ready. It's become like his morning cup of coffee. When I'm done with me I get him dressed, we say bye bye to Madagascar and we're out the door. If he doesn't get his time to sit and drink his "vanilla milk" and watch his cartoon while he wakes up, it's a wrestling match. It happens every so often though. Maybe you might consider rolling bedtime back by 15 minutes and see if he'll wake on his own any easier? Maybe that would give him a little extra time if he's just not a morning person and just needs to transition into his day at a slower pace.

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Wow I can't imagine waking my son up only a half hour before I had to leave, but I understand it's earlier & he needs his sleep. I guess I have it better since I don't work until 11 or 12, but I usually wake our son up at least a couple hours early. He gets up, watches cartoons while he eats breakfast. He can relax a little then he's not so stubborn about me getting him ready.

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I wake my son up (or at least start the process) at 6:50am so we can leave the house by 7:30am (7:45 the latest or I'll be late for work), he's not a morning child and he's too young for coffee (he's 4 but some mornings I have really thought about giving him an expresso so we can leave on time, but I dont do it). I learned that what seems to be working for him to motivate him out of the bed and dressed faster is bribery paired w/ goals and a little extortion. Let me explain, I wake him up and drag him out of bed if necessary (not kidding) and have him go to the bathroom saying "You don't want to go to school smelling like pee pee do you?" this will get him up and towards the bathroom as my son does not like peeing on himself. When he comes back I have him pick out what clothes he wants to wear for the day or if he doensn't want to then his choice if for me to pick them out then he has to wear what ever I choose even if he doens't like it, this ALWAYS gets him motivated to pick out his own clothes (I guess he doensn't like my taste in clothes), then he can goto my bedroom and watch Sesame Street while getting dressed and I can make sure he's putting on his clothes while I get dressed and ready. After hes dressed he can crawl into my bed and curl up and go to sleep till I'm ready or continue to watch tv. Once I'm ready, He puts on his shoes and I grab breakfast to go (granola bar, fruit, non spill cup of milk or juice) for him so he can eat while I drive. after a while of doing this Its become routine and he's gotten much better in the mornings. hope this helps and good luck.

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