Need help to get my boy interested in formula!!!

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My 6 month old boy William David loves breastmilk! He does drink breastmilk out of bottle but not formula. Any tips on best formula when he is addicted to breastmilk?


Angela - posted on 03/24/2010




Both of my boys LOVED breastmilk as well. If he takes it from a bottle then you are at least one step ahead! Mix a teaspoon (literally) of formula in with the breastmilk. Do that for a day or two - and at least get him used to a new flavor. Then add another teaspoon. Then mix an ounce of formula and add THAT to the breastmilk - gradually (probably over a month or more) you will increase the formula and decrease the breast milk. Hoepfully he won't notice the difference. But NEVER give him just the breastmilk alone anymore - or you'll set yourself back! Good luck!


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Stacy - posted on 03/25/2010




Absolutely what was already suggested here but the biggest thing is to discuss this with your pediatrician. He might be ready for solids or cereals. If not, then slipping a little of your choice of formula into his breast milk and slowly weaning him off and he won't know the difference. Monitor his intake and do add water to his diet.
Good Luck!

Louise - posted on 03/25/2010




My cousin had this problem. She was in tears. You need to get someone to mind him for a day or two and let them give him the formula. He associates you with breastmilk and won't drink the formula when you're there cos he knows he'lll get the breastmilk if he doesn't.
After 2 or 3 feeds my cousins baby was fine on formula but it took a few days. Try to add some water or juice to their diet to keep up fluid while you try to switch them they will drink less milk.

When you do switch you need to stick to the switch.

Jacinta - posted on 03/24/2010




I had the same problem with my 6 month old sonwhen I had to go back to work.I was persistant and offered formula in a bottle at the beginning of every feed.At first he wasn't all that interested.Then he started drinking small amounts (about 20-30ml).Gradually he got used to it and started to like it.I then started to cut out a whole breastfeed.(one that was not when he was really hungry like in the morning).Weening a baby off the breast can be a bit tricky but if you take small steps and be consistant it works.Good luck.Jacinta

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