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Alexandra - posted on 04/25/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )





I'm new here. I am a mother of an almost 3 year old and I am a university lecturer. I have an opportunity to go to the conference in October, the kiddo will be 3.3 at that time. However, the conference is miles away - 12 h flight and I will be away for a week. I have never left my boy for more than 24 hours (he was staying with my mum) and it happened only 3 times. If I go, I'll leave him with my parents; this way I will be sure he has a proper (different) routine. I was thinking, maybe several days before I go I will stay with him at my parents' so that he will get used to them (he knows them, but we live in different cities and he doesn't get to see them that often). Also my husband will be around if anything will be necessary. I just don't know what to do. I haven't been at any conference for the last 4 years and this one is such a great opportunity, not to mention that this particular conference doesn't take place every year. But then how bad it will be for my little guy? Should I go or just postpone it for another couple of years? I will really appreciate your input on this one.


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Alexandra - posted on 04/26/2012




Thank you to everybody who replied. I got so encouraged that I just signed in and hope that everything works out :D

Amy - posted on 04/25/2012




I'm sure your son will be just fine. I had to leave my daughter at 6 months old for a work conference unfortunately it wasn't an option, she was just fine. I would like to make a couple of suggestions, since this trip is in October maybe do a couple of overnight visits or weekend visits once a month where your son stays with your parents so it's not an adjustment for him. My other suggestion would be if you are really concerned could your parents come stay at your place so that your son is in his environment and your husband is still around to help with the daily care? Either way I'm sure he'll be fine, you might even find that he prefers his grandparents to you, my kids sure do ;)

Kay - posted on 04/25/2012




Enjoy the conference. Your son will probably enjoy the time to bond with his grandparents, and they will enjoy the chance to spoil him a bit. :)

Louise - posted on 04/25/2012




I think your son will be fine. Staying with him would be a good idea so that he feels safe in the surroundings. Ask your parents to try and stick to a similar routine to help him settle quicker. Your son will be ok whilst you are away, but he may become clingy for a few days when you are home. Go and enjoy the conference!

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