Need ideas, what can I put in my two year old

Karen - posted on 03/25/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a two year old. I hate to cook, but when I do, I make enough for leftover lunches. I don't use pre-packaged foods other than yogurt. We are on a tight budget. I feel like I give my baby the same lunch every week. We need some new ideas. The daycare has a microwave to warm up the children's lunches, so that helps. Please send ideas of simple things I can make for him. I need a long list of choices for the main dish and the snacks. Thanks.


Natalie - posted on 03/26/2010




my 2 yr old loves my little homemade quiches and frittaters cheese, ham grated carrot, any left over veg from the bottom of the fridge really is what i put in mine, that is cheap. Homemade little sausage rolls, homemade soup, Tuna patties,just your left over mash a tin of plain brand tuna, an egg, a few bread crumbs and some other flavourings from the fridge. I'll keep thinking.

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Goodness! There is a long list of each main dishes and snacks. Do they have a fridge to keep food cool as well? Since they have a microwave, I will just assume they do. Keeping in mind possible allergies to at least peanuts of your child or maybe others at the daycare below is a list of things that comes to mind.


• Little baggies of any veggies or fruits or cereal

• Any breakfast bar on the market or homemade

• Vanilla wafers

• Homemade trail mix in many varieties (cereal, pretzels, granola, swapping out raisins for craisins(sp?), dried fruit, etc)

• Graham crackers or really any kind of cracker

• Little containers of apple sauce (any variety)

• Cheese cubes and wheat crackers

• Homemade muffins

• Cornbread

• Mini-bagels with cream cheese

• String cheeses and wheat crackers

• Yogurt (any variety)

• Goldfish

• Pudding or Jell-O

• Some meat of any sort & cheese roll-up

• Fruit snacks any variety

• Breads (any variety) (i.e. banana, blueberry, apple, etc)

This list can go on forever. The daycare is also a great resource and so is your pediatrician. I would make sure that you know what you are allowed to send along and what you aren’t. I would also work with the daycare to know what goes over as a hit and what doesn’t.


• Soups or stews

• Casseroles or crock-pot items where you really just throw it in and let it cook itself.

• Some meat of any sort & cheese roll-up

• Any type of noodle dish

This is too hard to know what you are willing to do and what your families tastes include. I don’t want to promote any cookbook but I can tell you from experience that the “Taste of Home’s Quick Cooking” cookbooks are AWESOME! I would get the annual book instead of the magazine for ease on the shelf but I really haven’t made something out of them that the kids have hated. I usually get a 10 from each of them and they ask me to make it again. Some of the recipes include items they do not like but I still get a 10 and even offers to help me in the kitchen, which I LOVE!


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