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Melissa - posted on 01/20/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I currently have a job so that I work at night. My husband is a teacher and I leave for work as soon as he gets home. However, we might be moving soon and this job wouldn't make enough to cover the extra travel cost(new house is farther away from work). Therefore I have been looking for a new job, which I am very excited about because I dislike my current job. I am concerned about needing child care now. It has been wonderful not having to have a sitter or day care center watching him during the day. I hate the idea of someone outside of the family raising him during the day and I'm concerned they may not have the patience for him. Any suggestions??


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Cathy - posted on 01/21/2011




Hi. My baby just started daycare this week and I HATED IT! I cried the first day after dropping her off. But we are both settling in. It's hard for the first few days. I was especially concerened cos she's only 9 months old. I've been lucky to have my mum who is a retired nurse, look after her but i am confident and happy with the daycare she's at. Children need to be around other children. But like the others said, research, research, research...took me a while but i found wot i was looking for. People who care about children and they don't mind if i call everyday to check up on her

Dianna - posted on 01/20/2011




Functionally, yes- investigate, interview, make informed decisions that you & your husband feel good about... On a different level though, the sitter/day care/care provider is not raising your child! You are still you're baby's first influence, their primary nurturer, you are mom. They are your support. If you go into it believing that, you'll behave accordingly and your attitude will be felt by your child & everyone around you. If you carry any negativity, baby & you will both have negative experiences.

Nicole - posted on 01/20/2011




If you end up needing daycare, interview as many as possible and make sure to ask what if any is the waiting list. Likeable daycares will have a waiting list...unfortunatly but not always. I didn't like the idea of daycare either and wanted to be a SAHM but circumstances didn't allow for that. The daycare my daughter is in currently we LOVE! I recommend it to everyone I know with kids. They should respect you, allow you to drop in unannounced wether your child is there or not to see the cleaniness and how things are run and be concerned of any concerns you have. We live in the country so my daughter also gets the socialization that she otherwise wouldn't have. I'd like to say that you should get that good feeling instinct if you find one you think would work. oh and again, ask about their sickness policy too. I know one daycare will send a child home with any sort of fever but mine allows fevers if there is no other symtoms (in cases like teething she spiked all the time..they called me about it too)...something to consider and don't worry about the patience with your child. Everyone should be a certified care giver not a high school student looking for any job. They will be good with kids.Good luck if daycare the choice.

Jesyca - posted on 01/20/2011




Yes; begin researching reputable daycares in your area. I to had that concern when my I returned to work and my husband cared for our child the first year. Fortunately, the daycare I found was good for him and good for us. I visited and dropped in unannounced - no complaints.

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