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I have two kids age 4 and 18 months. If it's emotionally not being together 24/7 that you want to be easier, then you have to think is being at home what you really want. For me, I'm not an at home mom type of person. It is about quality not quantity. It was easier to go back to work after my second child because I saw the success in my older child. She thrived by playing with friends and learning. It has been a joy to see her excited when I take her to daycare. My son barely says bye during drop-off because he is too busy wanting to play.

Regarding Work/Life Balance getting easier? You find a process that works for you. When certain things stress you out, ask others how they handle'll get ideas that you can implement and it makes your live easier. Example, I found it exhausting to do all the laundry on the weekend. All work and no play kind of feeling. I asked another mom how she does it. Advice: do 1 load a night wash, dry, and fold. By the end of the week, it was all done and gave me a new found freedom for the weekend. Ideas are out're never alone.

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Easier...hmmm. I am the mother of two wonderful children and going back to work this time was A LOT harder. I weighed the pros and cons to going back to work and mostly did so for the money, as I am sure most moms do. It does get a little "easier" but every time they do something new its like that first day you went back to work and cried the whole way there...but, I guess I try to keep a positive attitude and try to enjoy all the time I have with my children. I am also working on furthering my education so I can get a better paying job with better hours so that I can be home more. My best advice is to enjoy every moment you have with your child and enjoy the time that you have to yourself, even if it is at work. My mom worked my whole life and she is my best friend, so I do not think that being a working mom takes away from the relationship you will have with your child. I think it is like any other relationship in that time spent apart makes the time together that much more special. Hope I helped!!!!

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