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Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone else is feeling as much guilt as I am from their employers when you need to take time off to care for your child? My employer claims to be family friendly, but they are far from it! I earn only 7 hours of PTO per pay period and we are forced to use our PTO for so called paid holidays as well. So, obviously it doesn't build up quickly and life is not going to stop happening in the mean time with sick children, sick adults or day care closing for a day. Every time I need to take any time off to care for my child I get the cold shoulder and told that I really shouldn't use up my PTO. They want us to have 24 hours banked at all times, but I have not found that possible with me only having been there a year. The guilt is unbearable to the point they make me feel like I could lose my job when all I'm doing is being a good mother by taking care of my son when he needs me. It's such crap and I am desperately searching for a new job who will be more flexible and willing to work with the working mama issues are going to happen now and then. Is anyone else in the same boat as me?


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Every time I leave because my daughter is sick or if I take time off to work in the classroom I always feel this disapproving spirit in the air and it makes me feel bad, a lot of times to the point where I feel a lot of guilt. I'm not sure what kind of work you do, however, I made some agreements with myself that help me put things into perspective.

For example, When I'm at work, I'm all work. I am as efficient as I can be and my work is caught up and no strings are hanging out. This stops things from coming out of the woodwork and screwing you when gone. The fact always remains though, that my top priority is home, but work doesn't need to know that they come second. I work in the an office so I always try to have key contact numbers available at home so that I can make calls and try to minimize any damage that might be caused by me being out of the office. Not sure what kind of work you do, so that might not be an option.

Bottom line is that employment is a relationship between your employer and you. You give them services of labor and they pay you an agreed upon salary and benefits. I hate the big misconception that we as employees need to compromise ourselves or feel worried about using our time off when that is all just part of the agreement.

Good luck to you and I hope you find your way!

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