Not taking bottle!!!

Roselyn - posted on 01/03/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little girl is 2.5 months, and she just hates the bottle! Maybe I missed the window to introduce the bottle to her, but she was only 6 weeks old when I started. Fortunately, I've been able to breastfeed when she refuses the bottle, but I am going back to work in five days! I've used Playtex, Avent, and the special Adiri nipple-shaped bottle (just tried that for the first time this morning). She also doesn't like pacifiers in her mouth...basically anything other than the breast. Any suggestions/recommendations??

Unfortunately, I have assumed she was going to be as flexible as my son (2 years old) who didn't fuss or complain about ANYTHING! He was so easygoing (but I'm definitely paying for it now during his terrible two's ;)). I hope it's not too late for my daughter!!!


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Cara - posted on 01/03/2009




try putting a dab of Karo syrup, or anything sweet to the nipple.. it won't hurt.. not like you're giving them a ton of sugar .. just something to have them open up then they should get the picture

Jennifer - posted on 01/03/2009




My son did end up taking the bottle at daycare immediately.. i think because he was in a strange place and it was the one thing that was familiar.. don't stress too much.. if he still does not once at daycare- you may need to take her to a specialist.. my friends daughter had some oral tounge thing and they had to train her how to suck from a bottle.. apparently a much different suck then the nipple of the human variety.. from the sound of it, she just has the preference for the breast.

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