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Okay, I'm trying to break my 21 month old daughter from the pacifier. She is my 3rd baby the other 2 are 12 and 10 years old now and although you never really forget how to handle things when you've already had children I think my patience isn't the same since there was a long break in between the 2nd and 3rd child the other difference is with the oldest 2 kids I was not working and with the baby I'm working and need my sleep she wakes up for it in the middle of the night calling out "passy"!

Please help any ideas will be appeciated.


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Amy - posted on 09/01/2009




My son's binky was so worn out that it broke. We told him it was broke and he threw it in the trash and never asked for it again. I had tried other things in the past like trading it for a toy, but that didn't work. I was so suprised that it was that easy

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I remember when my son was addicted to his Binky. We finally talked to him about getting rid of the thing. He would HIDE them, and always have one in secret places.

We finally got to the point of them breaking up from so much use.

One day we told him..."Owen, when they are all broken up you need to throw them in the trash can."

To our amazement, he did it.

Maybe if you talk to her about how they won't work for her anymore, she might make her own decision to start giving them up. It's worth a never know.

Kristen - posted on 08/31/2009




My kids never took pacifiers(ugh) but I have had to take other things. What I did was just "lose" them and make a joke. "silly mommy lost it...isn't that funny?" It worked mainly cause I didn't give in and never gave it back. They get used to what you make them get used to. I do like the idea about the fairy though...

Arlene - posted on 08/31/2009




It will take a while but you need to be strong and just loss all the pacifiers and keep to it. This will pass. I have 3 children and my last two were severly attached to their pacifiers but a few nights of crying for a bit and then finally giving up and falling asleep and that was that.


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ive heard of alot of people using the "your a big girl now" theory and getting their child to give up the pacifier. might be a few sleepless nights but its supposed to work.

good luck. im dreading having to do that with my daughter.

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