plishelp mei dont know how to talk my 13yr old gul about isues of pubuty and health.


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Mpho - posted on 01/02/2010




u knw she is quite n conservative, dnt approach her wt the motherly voice and terminology,u knw our kids nowdays get 80% of info frm friends n peers dan they get 4rm us so try and b her friend n all will jst come out rite.all da best mme,.

Haley - posted on 01/01/2010




this one is simple. give her a book and tell her that there are some things in there that she needs to know. inform her that you are willing to speak about the things if she feels comfortable but if not dont force her too. its very wierd. lol :)

Michelle - posted on 01/01/2010




Honey ! I have three daughters been there done it and believe me it did not get any easier but you know what, The best approach is the honest and direct approach. My daughter are now 22,19,and 16 and they came out pretty well. You would be surprise at what your daughter probably already knows trust me when I tell you this.So as I said the direct and honest approach is best. Find out her level of interest in the opposite sex first and then try to decide from there what exactly would benefit her at this time.Stay open and don't judge or lecture because that will only shut a door between you that may never be open again. Let her know you are her Mother but a friend as well and God be willing she will take all your advice and come to you before making important decision . It worked for me and my girls God bless

Lisa - posted on 01/01/2010




Try sitting down & just asking her what she knows about it, you may be surprised that she has learned a thing or two already. Try talking to her like she is a friend, not your daughter, don't think about all the things you fear when it comes to her growing up. Really, most things are slowly worked into from a younger age, but if you don't start talking she will learn it from somewhere else which could be bad. If you just can't do it then maybe there is someone else that you trust to talk to her.

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