Potty trianing reversed!!

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My three year old was completely potty trained after he turned 3. Now, he has started pooping in his pants instead of going to the bathroom. He hides and then tells me about it when he is done.. I don't understand.. HELP!


Holly - posted on 01/09/2010




My son has done the same thing, He will be four in two weeks. He has "regressed" with his potty training on two occasions. From what I have read this is common and completely normal. If you know that it isn't being caused by a dramtic change in lifestyle or routine, then I would recommend a sticker reward chart- it seemed to get my son back on track within a couple weeks, he just started having accidents in his pants again (his excuse being he was busy with something else at the time :P) I just printed a reward chart offline so we can try again- here's a website you can customize and print your own- www.dltk-cards.com/chart. I try to keep going potty fun and lighthearted- not too serious or "making it a chore", when i forget these things- accidents start to happen- hope this helps! Good Luck


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Anne - posted on 01/09/2010




usually something major has occurred in the childs life and they are not adjusting to the change. be patient with him and when he has delt with whatever is bothering him he should be fine.

WANDA - posted on 01/09/2010




WOW! Is there a new baby in the house? Sometimes lil guys feel like they should still be the baby. My boyz didnt reverse when the next one came along (they were actually too old for that) but I did notice they started acting like babies. I wish you luck. But try to praise him and give rewards for doing his business where he should and try not to scold when he doesnt. Also try having him clean up his mess.

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