problems going back to work?

Carla - posted on 08/05/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi i have being on mat leave for 3wks and am due bk on the 10th this month. i have being in touch with my boss during the full 39 wks. but i have being getting problems all the way through i was manger there and he said he could not give me set hrs for nursery. so i took the demotion and went to part time hrs and on speaking to him about this he has said he may be unable to always give me 16hrs aweek? help


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Harriet - posted on 08/10/2009




Sorry you are experiencing this situation. I had a situation with my supervisor (a woman believe it or not) after having my son. I didn't realize there was a problem until one day I needed to take him to a doctor's appointment and she told me that I had missed too many days. Although, I had not missed one day of work aside from bed rest for a few weeks prior to delivering and maternity leave, which was all considered a medical leave. I also missed one other day when my son was kept overnight in the ER. Other than that, I hadn't taken one sick, personal or vacation day. It was then that I realized how mother's are treated in corporate america jobs where they aren't putting the company first.

My husband and I have no family here, so when our son is sick, there's no grandparent or aunt or uncle to call to watch him. It's all on us. My husband and I try taking turns when we can, luckily his supervisor is very understanding about our situation. I have since moved on from working for that person, but it always pains me to have to explain my personal life to someone else when something happens.

This may not be a solution for everyone, but what I decided was to start my own business. I became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and love it. I haven't left my full time job yet, but I am working towards it. I look forward to being able to be a full time wife and mother and having a career that I love. My business is flexible, I am my own boss and most of all its fun. When my son is sick, I don't have to tell anyone. It's wonderful. If you'd like to stay home with your baby and not have to be bothered with the pressures of "a boss", let me know. I will be happy to provide you with additional information about our business opportunity.

Harriet M. Harris
Future Director
Mary Kay

Kristin - posted on 08/05/2009




Sounds a little like he is trying bully or punish you for mat leave. In my opinion. I'm not sure where you live, I do no know that here there is laws governing that. Look into your benefits package and see if there is any details about coming back. However if you are in the US there probably isn't much protecting you from your boss doing whatever they want. If your boss was a reasonable person you could talk with before you left for maternity, open a discussion on what is going on. Could be an economy thing too. However I'd take what they can give you , if there is no laws you can find to protect your old work ours. And like my parents told me, its much easier to find another job, while employed, then when not employed. Even if its only a couple hours a week.

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