Putting baby in daycare for the first time

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Hi Everyone,

Im a new first time mom. My daughter was born 5/31. I have to go back to work 8/10. We found a daycare for her, but I am wondering how to make the transition easier for her? Do I need to go there a few times with her before I leave her there? Do I pack any toys/blankets for her when I go? I'm pretty clueless about all this daycare stuff! Thanks!


Jessica - posted on 07/08/2009




Well, this is my second time around with this issue. And no matter what it's going to be a tough transition. My son went at 6 weeks and my daughter just went at 9 weeks. Here's my advice:
*Never even start with bringing toys with them (they are going to a place that has tons of toys and stimulation)
*Allow the blanket just so that your smell is with her and tell them what you want them to do with it when she is not napping
*Visit a few times with her, not as much for her but for you to see how they interact with the babies
*Then, let her visit for 2-3 hours during her awake time so that she can get used to all that noise
*Then at night, try not to do any chores until she has gone to bed....then you and your love, zoom around the house doing all those pesky chores. You will be working and its not fair to her for you to try to fit them into the 3-4 hours you have with her.
My husband and I let the dinner dishes sit until they are in bed, then we spend time catching up. And this took a while to convince my hubby - but let him know that in 3 years, it will be all about you two again =)

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Hi Amanda,

My daughter just started daycare for the first time, she is five and absolutely loves it. I think I was so worried about the seperation, however, when I got there and started to learn more about the every day activities there at the daycare I seen it was so much more like a home environment than I had thought. I had assumed daycares were run like schools, however quickly learned that each girl in that daycare can tell you something about my daughter. The workers at the daycare really made it easier for me to bring her back each day. I 100 percent feel daycare has been such an influence on my daughters speech, drawing skills, learning of everyday manners and tasks sometimes we moms overlook or shrug off. The daycare really works with you to teach your children how to surive each day just a little more independently. I would ask before bringing any toys or blankets because sometimes daycares appreciate parents not bringing that sort of thing to avoid arguments over toys and things. I would definetly go with her and just drop in on the daycare and tell them you would like to be walked through and to be there while you experience your daughters reaction to the daycare. This might help you see if anything bothers her, you can reassure her and explain to her this is where she will be going when mommy goes to work. She might just surprise you and run and play happily. Daycares are usually more than willing to help you get familar with their environment. As for going for a time or two, honestly this is just my opinion of course, I feel children are best when just left. The first day is key and important and will come whether or not you are there to be with her the first couple times. Because you don't want her to get used to you going with her, may make her upset when the first day alone does come. She should know right from the beginning this environment is her daily life and ur not a part of that part of her life. A sense of independency will come out of this experience for her.

Best of luck

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I'm in the same situation as you. My son was born on 4/16 and I go back to work on 7/13. My hubbie and I went with our son to his daycare today and hung out there for a few hours. We had a chance to "observe" and see how they handled the different situations. We made sure we saw diaper changes, bottle making, feeding, cuddling, rocking, playing, snacking, etc. We also met some of the other children and observed them to see how they acted. It helped us feel more comfortable. I know it will be tough to leave him, but it's a necessary evil! Our daycare told us the things we could and shouldn't bring. They recommend one soft toy and blanket, but no other toys. They have a lot of toys there, and the kids share them so as to not cause jealousy. They did tell us we could bring a mobile or a crib toy of sorts, and several of the children have those hanging on their cribs. They also told us we can call or stop in any time throughout the day, as many times as we want. The daycare is about 30 minutes away from work, so I won't be able to do drop-ins, but I will be calling at least once a day! Definitely call and ask your daycare what their rules/guidelines as each place could be different! Good luck!


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I learned that good day care has helped my kids be happy, adventurous and trusting kids and helped me be a good working mom. The most important thing is to share info with your provider. How about a back and forth journal/log of baby's day with provider and night with parent? If you are breastfeeding (great bonding for baby and working mom) is the center supportive, utilizing pumped milk, providing space for a lunch break visit by Mom? My son did have a favorite baby blanket he brought, my daughter did not. I remember my son had a hard crying first week, then bonded strongly to his group family provider Lisa. My daughter has a second set of best persons with her babysitter Amanda. The most important thing to bring is your expectations that your child will be well cared for (or else time to look elsewhere), and respect and appreciation for great day care providers.

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Hi Amanda. My son is 10mnths old next week and he started his first week at daycare this week. The plan was to return to wrk when he turned 1 in sept but the daycare called and said they had a spot vacant and if i didnt take it he could possible miss out so we have put him in for 4 hrs a day as i will be only working for 4 hrs a day. I will be honest and say it was the hardest thing i have ever done to leave him there after spenidng every minute with him for 10 months and it doesnt get any easier as the week goes by BUT I know that it will get better for both of us. I chose to go in and just sit and watch for a while the first few days and now it is easier if i just leave as it does make it harder. Also with daycares here in australia they dont allow for toys etc as they have their own that they disinfect every day BUT you can take your childs comfort item. Just do what feels right for you. Also they should give you a list of things to pack in babys bag.

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Hi Amanda, my little girl was born 06/01 & he started day care on 01/06, 3 days b4 i returned to work. these 1st days were a bit tough for me, but i kept her there for full day to see how i'd cope when i returned to work. i'm glad i did, cos it helped us both adjust to the new routine. her day care prefers not to bring own toys & blankets so that was easy, they reckon it creates jealousy amongst the babies, so they use their own. she's been there for a month now & we are both happy. the trick is finding the right daycare, but once that's done, it'a wonderful experience for you & baby ;)

All the best & good luck xx

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