Schedualing Conflicts

Hope - posted on 10/26/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




After my son was born in June I had to take the next two solid months and then some off of work because he was in and out of the hospital and doctors so much it was just impratical at the time. Since I had the family car with me his father had to stay with his family to get back and forth to work making their time together very little and far apart for nearly the first three months.

When things finally fell into place, and we were all three home, our scheduals worked almost perfectly: Dad would have him from 9am to 3pm while I was at work. Dad would leave at 3:30 for work. And I'd head back to work with my son (since I work for a family own business I am blessed to be permitted to take him with me after business hours.) And by 1 am we would all be home and spend a little time together before bed.

Well, within the past month both of our scheduals have been changed. I am now working 60-70 hours a week from 6pm to any hour of the am-some times even 8 or 9am six days a week. His dad is working 5pm to 2am. By the time we get home all we want to do is sleep by our son was so used to his schedual of getting up at 7 to spend time with me before I head to work but on a good night this is only giving me four hours of sleep and his dad sometimes less.

In the past few weeks it has taken a toll on our house with even keeping dished washed and getting the trash out on time. I recently had a doctor's appointment because I have ulcers in my mouth and they said it is due to a lack of sleep (most nights I'm only getting 3-4 hours when I was used to 9 before my little one.). And it just seems like there is constant friction between me and his dad.

I feel like I need a break. I have my son with me at work, when I sleep, he even plays on the bathroom floor when I shower and get ready for my day. (I even had him 100% on my own for the first 3 months of his life) I have trouble getting his dad out of bed before 11 am to help do anything. Even to ask him to watch our son from noon to three so I can get a couple good hours of sleep a day he makes it sound like I owe him and that I'm pushing our son off on him because I'm tired of him. It's like he doesn't understand I'm drained and I'm the one up all hours of the day and night with him.

Well, I guess I am just wondering if any one is or has been in a similar situation or if any one has any ideas on how to work together when our scheduals for work have changed so much that way we get some sleep and the house gets taken care of.

Thanks for you're time and any advice in advance,

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