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How do i keep my baby on a schedule when im always at work and getting off of work at different times.. my hours are so crazy! I am trying to get him into a routine but i find it impossible when some days i work 10-5pm some 1230-8pm its never the same. .so he is always going to the sitters and then to grandmaws.. any advice?


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Maria - posted on 03/10/2010




I have 6 children second marriage 2 children 22months and 4 months old. Searsha is my last baby and i so want to spend time with her but i work as well. you can set yourself a routine, that even though you start at 10am try and make that the time that she will be awake so that she is ready to go with you to day care. No matter what you are doing 10am is the time that she is awake, when you are home on days off keep her awake until 11 am and you are teaching her that she will still be awake at that time giving you enough time to get her there and then she goes to sleep.Grandma and anyone else has to run by your times as well otherwise it doesn't work. Bath time should always be at the same time no matter who she is with that is so relaxing for them. i just hate leaving her but you have to do what you can. good Luck

Mai - posted on 02/26/2010




If you're able to afford it, maybe you should consider a permanent childcare arrangement so that even if your schedule is crazy, your baby will have a consistent 8am-5pm schedule (for example). On days when you don't work until noon, your baby can be in daycare and you can get certain errands done or if you're able to plan it in advance, those time frames can be when you schedule medical appointments for your or baby? On days when you'll be late for pick up, then perhaps you can arrange for your sitter to pick up in the evening? If your finances don't support this (because quality childcare can be expensive), perhaps you can arrange to have a nanny/babysitter do the childcare in your home. That way, you can set a specific routine and baby will have the consistency of a familiar environment. Good luck!

Jade - posted on 02/23/2010




hey, I am definitely a routine mum ... I make sure my lil girl is on a routine.. all you have to do, is make sure ur family and siitters are clear on how and when you want things done. type out a schedule for your bubba then laminate it, and stick it in her day bag. Be sure that the family and sitters know about it, and if you feel ur gonna be late on a time for a feed, then drop baby off a lil earlier then usual. :)

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