should i spend $100 on a new cell phone


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When I started a new job that was not in as close proximity to my kids I found a good cell phone to be very helpful. We canceled our land line to save money and honestly haven't missed it, although my mom worries about no 911 location. I also love to take camera photos of the kids and phone text send them to my facebook page. I do believe we must live simply, so that others may simply live. Do what you feel helps you be at your best in this world!

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You know $100.00 these days on a cell phone is not a bad price at all..but as well referring to the other posts it does highly depend on what is included. But most important of all is it important to you? Do you want it, did you earn it and will it make u happy to have it. Because if you said yes, then a price on happiness and enjoyment isn't really a question. Sometimes we have to stop and realize we women we don't like to accept things to make ourselve happy and we full our lives with full filling and making our families happy and now a days in this economy a hundred dollars doesn't get you very much, so I would make your decision based on you and how you feel.

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That depends on whether or not the phone is worth the $100. I recently upgraded to a more expensive phone (went from a regular phone to a smart phone) using some of my income tax refund money. It was hard to part with the money, but I had been so frazzled trying to keep track of everyone's appointments, my work shifts, to do lists, and study notes, etc., and it has greatly simplified things. Everything in one place, including a built-in mp3 player (less junk in my purse). It has my music, my calendar, to do notes, study notes for on-the-go studying, telephone contacts, etc. In my case, it was well worth it. No more bits of paper everywhere.

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