spotting and 2months along

Michelle - posted on 05/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi ladies I'm 2months pregnant and a few weeks ago had some spotting, then last night brown spotting and today blood spotting not much, but I went and got a blood test done and go for another one on friday to make sure my levels are ok. Has anyone else had this experiaced this and it ended up to be nothing. Feeling scared


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Ginger - posted on 05/31/2012




I sure had that problem. It could be nothing serious. But I and the doctor who treated me did tell me to go to the doctor if I saw blood. If combined with cramps or fever or anything else just go the hosp. I went to the hospital everytime I saw a little blood. It wasn't quit nothing, but it could be less serious than you think, or it could be a placental abruption or tearing of the cervix. So once that is ruled out or deemed that the baby is getting an adaquate blood supply than if is actually way more common than you might think. However with any blood found during pregnancy it is better to just go get checked out and follow the percautions at home like *No hard work * no high heels * no strong chemicals * not a lot of bending over* lay down and put your feet up often. I hope it is nothing. For me I had a blood clot on my uterous not related to the placenta and when the placenta grew over the blood clot there was some hemmerage, but I was placed on bed rest and recovered. Placental abruptions can be dangerous soo please rule that out. I hope the best for you guys. :)

Angel - posted on 05/29/2012




do not worry , i happens, i am mother of 18 month old, i never had this, but i have heard its common during pregnancy

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