still wakes up at night for milk

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My baby @ over 10 months still wakes up a few times to drink milk, i have tried yo give her water by she just keeps on crying until she gets her milk, what can i do so that she sleeps thru


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Jessica - posted on 12/15/2010




I've tried everything and my 6 month old will not sleep longer than 3-4 hours at night. The doctor said once he reached 12 lbs he should sleep better but he's almost 18 lbs! I think it's just a habit that I have to break so I can get some sleep. My first son slept most of the night starting at 6 weeks. Other moms have told me to let him cry it out for a few nights. It's really hard to hear him cry and not pick him up. Wish me luck! I'll post back and let you know if it works.

Jennifer - posted on 12/14/2010




The sugars in the milk can ruin the baby's teeth over night, so it's not a good idea to keep the bottle of milk in bed. My son was breastfeeding still at 10 months and was still getting up a couple times a night to feed. We were able to get him to sleep thru most of the night by giving him a bowl of oatmeal before a warm bath and bedtime and it would fill him up until around 5-6ish am.... good luck!

Ligen - posted on 12/13/2010




My daughter 9 months does the same is what I have been doing and it seem to work. I let her crawl for an hour(wore out)..give her a QUICK warm bath and then give her a bottle mix with 1 scope of single grain rice cereal this is around 9 pm. She will sleep through until around 4-5's and by then she is ready for breakfast. Try this..If your baby wakes up in the middle of night give pacifier if you still use it.

Katherine - posted on 12/13/2010




At That age they still drink milk at night. I would keep doing it and then try stopping at 12 months.
My daughter is 20 months old and takes a bottle of water at nap time and at night :/

User - posted on 12/13/2010




My son is 16months old and still drinks milk. Every night i put two bottles by his head(i still sleep with him), at night he just reaches out for them. In the morning you find out that he has finished the milk, but the water is still alot. on some night i even have to wake up and make him more milk. For now im just letting him have it, if he loves milk its good, i admit eating at night is not good though, hope he outgrows it.

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Maybe try giving her a bottle before bed with a tiny bit of baby cereal mixed with the milk. Only add enough cereal to thicken the milk and not to much where it clogs the hole in the nipple. This helped my kids when they were 4 mo old. It just thickens enough to fill them up and keep them asleep the whole night. Good luck!

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