Teenager daughter

Denise - posted on 08/22/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter wants to grow up too fast! Teenager
Wants to have boyfriend just found out she opened a Kick account and messaging strangers whom have asked her for nudes......


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Ev - posted on 08/27/2017




You are the parent. You should have set up rules regarding dating long before this. You need to sit her down and let her know that she will date at the age you deem appropriate for her, allow her to go in group settings or have the kids at your house to keep her supervised, and also have talks about relationships and the responsiblities and consequences of actions taken for choices made. She is old enough to understand these things. As for her getting an account online and talking to strangers---you can control that. Check her phone every day, put locks on certain websites you do not want her to go to, and if that does not work take all tech and internet and phone away.

Bella - posted on 08/25/2017




Hi @Denise Majano as a mum of teenage daughter I totally empathize with you. This is one of the hardest issues in parenting...there is so much pressure on teens nowadays to grow up fast and to start indulging in activities that are not healthy for them at such a young age. I can only suggest you keep the line of communication open and discuss with her the danger of messaging strangers online. Have you taught of setting boundaries and controls for her regarding her use of social media? This is really to ensure she is protected as opposed to being controlling.

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