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Does anyone have any ideas on how to make time work in your favor. I work full time and by the time I get home I have time to cook and do some tiding up before putting the kids to bed. The kids are 3( girl) and 2 (twin boys). She is telling me she wants to help me so I let her aid in cooking and cleaning. I am starting to do the same with the boys. It would be great to have some suggestions.


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well i was single mom who worked full time but when my daugther was younger we would do things together including chores. she learned her math sitting in the kitchen helping me measuring, she perfected her reading by reading recipes and sides of boxes. Learned her colors by helping separate laundry sunday we would cook 4 dinners together for the week so we could have more time together, ( besides then i knew what she was eating at day care ) you can't live on mac and cheese despite what she thinks. Now she is older and her chores are the same just more detailed i start dinners and she finishes them and we still sit down like a family small as we may be and eat together every night, i find out about her day and she keeps me in the loop as far as her friends and activities.

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I go grocery shopping on the weekend (usually Sunday). On Sunday I make a huge salad and put it in 3 different freezer size ziploc bags. This way salad is already made for dinner. I also do a lot in my crock pot and I serve the same meals over and over again. We always have meatballs, sauce and pasta at least 1 time per week. If you have a Trader Joe's near you I love it there. I buy the premade meatballs and toss them in sauce and put them in the crock pot on simmer all day long. That, pasta and my pre made salad and I am done in ten minutes.

I work full time as well and I leave the house at 6:30 everyday, drive my kiddo to school, pick him up at 5 and we are home by 5:30.

Not sure how many kids you have but my friend swears by this. She has 3 large cloth bins (you can use baskets) one for each kid. They are at the bottom of her stairs. if there are things downstairs that the kids left she puts them in their baskets and then the kids bring their baskets up stairs when they go to bed at night and put their own stuff away. This way she isn't running up and down the stairs and the items are seperated. Good luck and remember, the dirt and dust will be there tomorrow.

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If you need to prepare lunches for the kids, I try to make extra one night so that it is quicker to prepare the next night. For instance, my 6 year old usually only eats half of a sandwich, so I make a whole sandwich, wrap it in two halves, then I have sandwiches for two lunches made and the next night goes a little quicker. Same will cutting and packing fruit, veggies, cheese, etc. I have read that some people prepare an entire week's worth of lunch stuff on the weekend, then pack it into the lunch bag the night before; but I have found a) I don't have that much room in my fridge and b) the food is not all that fresh looking/tasting after more than 1 or 2 days. Hope that helps a bit!

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maybe trying to set a schedule. Where i work mostly in the afternoon it helps me get done in the morning that way my husband can help with the girls homework and other items that i didnt get done. Thanks for the tip about the two rooms. i think i can benefit from that one

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I'm horrible at time management so I'm just gonna leave you this little tidbit i read from a parenting magazine that has helped me keep my sanity... Let there be 1 maybe 2 rooms in the house that stays tidy. the others don't go crazy over. that way your house stays nice and you have time to shower. :-) lol

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First, stock your freezer. Whenever you cook at the weekend, make double and freeze, these are quick and easy for weekdays. Next prioritise, somethings are not important as others. Make sure you do the neceesary things and don't sweat about the others. Sanity is a must. As the children grow, give them jobs to do as part of the household, it is necessary for them be aware of daily duties and co-operate when they can.

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