To those who wish to have your own business to benefit the rest while making residual income.

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"To create a new business that makes money, and more significantly, employs others, and more significantly, gives a product to a customer that improves their life, is our greatest challenge, our greatest opportunity, and the greatest gift, far greater than any charity that we can give our fellow person." — Paul Zane Pilzer:

I love this quote! I just came across it and it's a confirmation to what I do! Not just a work a home opportunity but something far bigger, along with a compensation that is far bigger, where my team and I don't have to focus on the money but rather sharing the option and helping people reach their actual self worth (not the worth that an employer says you're worth).

Ever notice there are few people we know of that have this success, and yet most of us still listen to the masses that say "those things never work" and believe them?

Why do most of listen and take the advice of people who are not financially free? How can someone that is not financially free tell us how to be financially free, if they don't know it themselves? Wouldn't it make more sense to go to someone who already has what you would want for yourself, and ask "What do you do?" and "How do you do it?" and even more so..."What do I have to do to create that for myself?"

We listen to our loved ones and heed their advise...because they love us and wish us no harm...and it's a blessing to have them in our lives. Problem is, they keep us in our comfort zone.

Ever notice how you can never 'grow' in your comfort zone? On any level, mind you...

If you're trying to lose weight for instance, are you "comfortable" dieting? I don't think so.

If you're trying to develop more muscle tone, you have to exercise and perhaps push some weights, does that actually feel good at that moment? From personal experience, I'd have to say no...

When you buy a brand new gadget that you feel will add some kind of quality to your life, there's a learning curve to figure out how to work it to your advantage, is that process in itself a rip-roaring good time? Not really. (I struggle with that everytime I upgrade to a new cellphone!)

When we do all these things (and we all do them at some point), isn't our focus on the final goal of what we want to achieve? Otherwise, why do we do it in the first place?

My point? To grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, you have to step out of your comfort zone. On the scenarios I listed above, isn't it true that we look for the people who have the knowledge to help us achieve such goals? (IE: we never go to a person who is over weight to show us how to lose weight, do we?)

My intention is not to waste anyone's time. I write this to get you to think.

Sure, I am actively looking for people right now to join my team, but I'm not interested in just anyone. I'm looking for people who have had enough and are no longer afraid to step out of their comfort zone to achieve the results they want for their lives personally.

Truth is, if you want something bad enough, you already have big dreams, and are already determined to find and do whatever it takes to get to that goal. These people are "Aces", and that's who I'm looking for.

So if you think you're a "Ace" and ready to step out, you have nothing to lose by asking for the info I have to share, just send me an email address and let me know where you reside...

To your success, you derserve it...


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I would like to find out more about your business. My email is Please reference Circle of Mom's in the subject line so I do not mistake you for a spam email.


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I would like to find out more about your business. My email is Please reference Circle of Mom's in the subject line so I do not mistake you for a spam email.


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