toddler constantly saying "no"?

Gretchen - posted on 06/07/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




our daughter is just under 1.5 years and over the past couple of days, she has been saying no to almost everything i ask her to do and has total tantrum/meltdowns when i try to get her to do whatever she has just told me "no" to. for example, today i asked her to hold my hand while we were walking and she said no, when i took her hand anyway, she threw herself on the ground and had a fit. I just picked her up and we left, but it was very frustrating and embarassing. she's usually a happy kid and minds well. my mom just left after a week and she was out of daycare, so i don't know if it has anything to do w/ being spoiled by nana or if she's just testing her bounds. i'm hoping that when she's back to normal, it'll get better. has anyone else seen a big change in their baby when "nana" is around?


Kara - posted on 06/08/2011




Let me first begin by saying - you are not alone. My little boy (who is 2yrs) has entered the realm of "NO!" and it can be quite dramatic (usually with a hand gesture). I haven't found him to react too differently around his grandparents...he still says 'No' around them, but I find he's willing to listen more when they're around too. My husband and I do our best to not say "no" around him, but let's face it, that's tough. We usually distract him by getting his attention on something else. For example:

"Rylen do you want to go inside?"


"Do you want to read books?"


You're doing the right thing when she has her mini meltdown to get her and you out of the situation, but i understand your frustration/embarassment.- just keep saying to yourself - This is a phase and it will pass :-)

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