Toilet training regression for my Son whos recently turned 4!

Belinda - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




We thought we had it down pat! We have a very smart 4 year old boy! who can be EXTREMELY frustrating when it comes to toilet time ,we have had him toilet trained since he was 2 & have been in undies since then ,We have no troubles at night time with wetting the bed or any problems with wees in the toilet ,BUT he can be extremley frustrating with doing bits of poos in his undies this can great some days then bang were back to dirty jocks again! Now we have tried everthing to fix this but still to no avail ,even now ive tried making him clean his dirty jocks,tried being kind and angry & threaten with wearing nappies again , ive given him treats when he is succsesfully poos in the toilet! It all works for a bit then we r back to square one !CAN ANYONE HELP US PLEASE before we go stir crazy?


Jennifer - posted on 01/19/2010




my daughter does this too. she was just pitty trained a few months ago ( late, at 3 ) and did great at first. but has always had an issue with pooing. for some reason she does NOT want to go. she will attempt to hold it forever, and then ends up leaking smudges on her undies as well. We also have NO idea how to fix this. We did start giving her mirilax ( half the adult dose ) per her pediatrician when she really wont go for a long time, and it kind of MAKES her have to do it and not able to hold it forever. maybe try that?

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