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I am a divorced working mom w a 13 yo boy. We are both very friendly and hug our friends. The issue I am having is that my son hugs and hangs on every new person we meet from the Dean at the college to the old high school buddy of another friend. So far most ppl don't mind or at least say they don't. I just don't think he should be that open and physical with everyone the moment he meets them at this age. I know it has weirded out at least one person so far.


Michelle - posted on 08/21/2009




Rebecca: You need to get him to understand that each person has what they call their own "personal space" and not all people like to have the space invaded. It's not easy, we are working with a counselor now to teach my 13 and 14 year olds that. The key from what we have been told is that they need to understand and respect that they have a circle of space around them that they can also ask people not to invade or trespass into. My son's learning that unless you are invited into a strangers space, you need to keep an arms distance between them. Good luck.

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