Tummy Time Troubles

Alexis - posted on 05/25/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son is 4 1/2 months old. I do as much tummy time as I can for short periods of time (he DOES NOT like it- pretty much usually cries through the whole thing) The doctors are on me about him falling behind & how he should be lifting his head by now. I know that some, not all, babies have very good head control by now, but mine is still learning.

Are their any other Mommy's with some advice or life experience with this?


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Rebecca - posted on 05/25/2010




I agree with everyone else - every baby is different! Your baby only needs about 20 minutes of tummy time a day. When I used to give my daughter tummy time she would SCREAM through it every time. She absolutely hates being on her stomach. She is 5 months now and I don't really do it much with her anymore since she sits up completely on her on and rolls over constantly. I would say just stick with it, enforcing the tummy time even though your son cries, and he will hold his head up on his on and roll over when he is ready. Even though he is crying through it, he is still getting the time he needs (he is just not happy about it).

Alexis - posted on 05/25/2010




Thanks everyone! I love all the advice. I will continue doing the tummy time I do & try to add more toys for distraction. I know that even if he may be behind now-- does NOT mean he will continue to be behind. He is ahead on everything else. I am worried, but I have confidence in him since the other things are going well. As for the doctors-- I'm switching. No shock there- haha. For 2 reasons-- buying a house in another area & for the fact that I do not feel comfortable there with all the negative feedback I get.

Anyways-- Thanks ladies!! I appreciate it. And Heather-- I appreciate your concern because you are an OT (so is my mother), but it is something that is MY concern--please don't be concerned for him...I have enough doctors (and my mother) doing that. But thank you so much for the advice!!

Sarah - posted on 05/25/2010




My kids are 15 and 12 and tummy time didn't exist back then. We were told never to put our babies on their tummies, because of cot death. When they could roll over they spent time on their tummies.

Isn't it strange how attitudes and advice change over the years.


Ruthie - posted on 05/25/2010




Hi, my son was late because i did not give him tummy time when i should have started. My son also cried his lungs out during his tummy time but it gets better. Try giving him something that catches his attention, or put a toy near by that he might try to lift his head to look at. I use to cry with him but he will slow down the crying soon. Good Luck, oh and by the way my son is NOT behind AT ALL

Alison - posted on 05/25/2010




Sometimes a lag in development can be caused by an alignment problem. You may want to consider seeing a pediatric chiropractor or osteopath. They are very gentle and can be very effective in treating this sort of thing.

Heather - posted on 05/25/2010




My daughter used to hate tummy time, too, but it is SO important to keep doing it anyway! I am concerned that he's not lifting his head by that age- that's a pretty serious lag. (I'm an occupational therapist who works with kids with all sorts of developmental and sensory concerns.) If you lay down with him, also on your tummy, talk and sing to him, show him toys that make sounds/music/light up/etc, that may encourage him to stay tummy-bound longer. I got my daughter a cute playmat with toys on it that she could look at and play with, textures to feel, etc. Also- don't be afraid to let him get a little mad about it. When they get a little ticked off, they move more, which actually builds up their muscles really well. I'm not saying let him scream bloody murder for 15 minutes, but wait for him to be pretty mad, give him another minute or two, and then let him off the hook. The key is to get 15-20 minutes total per day, and that does NOT have to be all at once. Even 3 minutes at a time here and there that adds up to that amount by the end of the day is fine. My daughter did over time learn to tolerate, and eventually seemed to enjoy, it.

It's true that all children develop at different rates, but tummy time is of fundamental importance. It's not just about muscle strength, though that's important, it's also about the new awareness of their world that develops as they view it in new ways.

Good luck!!

Kim - posted on 05/25/2010




girl i had the same problem my 7 month old didnt like to do tummy time until she was almost 6 months old lol dont let the drs bother u trust me they think the know everything bc they went to school just give ur son time have faith and dont listen 2 the drs remember only a mom knows whats best for her child

Carmen - posted on 05/25/2010




ive had 3 kids and about 20 something niece and nephews,so as a close family i watched them all develope and grow. no.1 is to STOP WORRYING cos all kids go at different times, my youngest was strong as anything and was climbing out of her chair at 6mths but my oldest was nearly one before she would even crawl, its hard not to compare your child against others, have u tried play mats that make noise or light up ,that might make him want to lay on his tummy and lift up and distract him or maybe if u lie on your tummy at the side of him to let him know its ok,in all i wouldnt worry it will happen and once it does before you know it his legs will be bent his head up and hell be crawling after u,hope this helps to relax you a little ,he will get there soon.

Lisa - posted on 05/25/2010




bloody doctors!!!! look my 6 month old still cant keep his head up for very long... also hes only rolled over 3 times and still cant sit up i know hes behind but who cares they all learn in my own time... and urs is 2m onth behind mine i really wouldnt stress keep trying him every now and then like once a daycos if he really dont like it he will get distressed too much then he wont do it himself ... but i really wouldnt worry really doctors r pants half of them aint got kids themselves lol

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