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pls help me out moms! my 1 month 2 weeks old kid vomits especially before hiccops starts and before poo poo. Any advice? thanks.


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Kristy - posted on 08/05/2009




my bubs is 5wks, had similar issues and had to change to a different formula (from s26 to karicare) and i also got the AR(anti-reflux) type, its thicker to stop them bring it up as much.

also is your baby suffer from colic or trapped wind often?? i have noticed with my bubs that he will vomit due to wind troubles then get hicups. not too sure about poo poos mine does that while eating.. :P

if your bubs starts losing weight though or continues to have troubles go to your GP asap! it can be valve/reflux issue or intolerence.

and as parents we worry and we know if there is something wrong, so if you are uncertain be safe not sorry and seek advice from a baby specialist.

Jaimie - posted on 08/04/2009




is it forceful vomiting? and is she/he loosing weight? If so, take the baby to the pediatrician and make sure she is not lactose intolerant.

Cidalia - posted on 08/04/2009




A lot of babies have issues with reflux. Their esophagus is immature and the milk comes back up. Some babies vomit, and with some (like my son) it just stops at the throat and causes coughing, gagging, crying.

If he's keeping most of his milk down, I wouldn't worry too much and would just try to keep him more upright after a feeding and try to elevate his head a little when he sleeps (I put a pillow under the mattress in my son's crib) --just make sure it's not so high that he rolls.

If he's vomiting a lot, cries a lot, cries while feeding, etc., definitely take him to his doctor to be assessed for milk allergy, lactose intolerance, or reflux. There are treatments for each of these problems. If it's reflux, your doctor can give a prescription for something like Zantac ... it's safe and will help baby be more comfortable.

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