Walt Disney World Trip

Rebecca - posted on 06/20/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Inaugural trip with our soon to be 4 year old son coming up soon. For those who have made the voyage, what's are the biggest things you wish you would have taken, planned for, done???


Nicola - posted on 06/21/2010




Keep him well-hydrated. Use air-con shamelessly when you get the opportunity (especially in Animal Kingdom - walk through the shop rather than going round the path...) Make sure he's going to know plenty of characters. Don't discount Epcot, my dd loves Soarin' and Test Track.
This is a good age to take him. My dd, who is nearly 5, has visited WDW four times, but last year's trip, just after her 4th birthday, was the first time she could do nearly all of the rides, and took lots of notice of the things around her.
Oh, and if you have time and money, space out theme park days with water park days. It's great to have a restful day after a couple of hectic days doing rides and stuff.

Alice - posted on 06/21/2010




I used to work at Disney. Here's what I learned from that experience... Take your time & enjoy all the little things!!!
There are so many neat little things everywhere - details children love! Kids see all the little things and find delight in everything. I saw too many people yelling and screaming at their kids to "hurry up, we'll miss" whatever. How stressful! So my advice is to stay slow, enjoy the music, flowers, big buildings, cool colors, etc... everything will seem magical to your son - more so if you are enjoying it too.
We took our daughters when the oldest was 3 and it was really nice... but we barely rode anything except for the goofy coaster (Magic Kingdom) & Cinderella's Carosel (Magic Kingdom) - she wanted to ride those over and over but everything else was mostly just looking and going "ahhhh" "cool" and screams of "Mommy! Daddy! look!" (she had never seen a automatic flush toilet and called them "magic potties" lol!)
Don't forget your camera! - and make sure the batteries are there/charged (ours was with us, but the batteries died after 2 minutes). If you need a stroller, buy a little umbrella one from wal-mart or something before going... it will cost less than renting one at the park and if it gets lost no biggie. Plan for HEAT and SUN - use sunscreen if you're not used to the sun & make sure you stay hydrated. Don't take flip-flops & hats if they are important - there are literally buckets of hats, flip-flops, and sunglasses that are taken to lost-and-found from each ride on a busy day. If you like interaction, talk with a cast member (employee) - usually, they love to tell you neat things about their ride (sometimes they can give you special hints too!)
Most important... have fun! :)


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