What is the best way to wean my 9 month old son? I really don't want to...and neither does he. However, shortly after his first birthday I will be going on a business trip for 2 weeks. I don't want to go cold turkey so thought if I start slowly, it will be easy. Any pieces of advice would be appreciated!


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Jeanne - posted on 12/31/2008




If you're working, do you express milk to feed with a bottle? If your baby isn't used to a bottle you need to start getting him used to it now. If he is, then you could simply replace all his feedings with formula while you're gone, and "pump-n-dump" during your trip, to pick back up where you left off after your return. With both my sons, around 9 months was when their demand on my supply lessened to the point I only had to pump once during the workday (lunchtime) instead of twice (morning and afternoon). That simplified the workday a lot. If you really don't want to bring your pump along for those lunches, evenings, and mornings, then you could start now by only pumping to relieve your discomfort instead of wringing out every last drop, gradually tapering off, and you might be able to avoid bringing it. I'll mention when I was working with my older son I only had the lunchtime pumping from months 9-12 and then I transitioned him to cow's milk so I only nursed at home and had no discomfort at work. With my second I discovered he was allergic to cow's milk (but not my milk while I had dairy) so it was more complicated. If your son hasn't had formula before, try it to make sure he's not allergic to the dairy; if he gets any red blotches around his mouth then try a soy formula.

Dawn - posted on 12/31/2008




My advice is not to force things, my son started weaning at just after 6 months, just with a little pureed apple or pair, I cooked all my own, he has never had a jar of baby food in his life. I started by giving him his bottle and then maybe a spoon or two of apple, most of it came back out but he was getting the taste. We then started giving him a small amount of apple or pair for his lunch time feed, some days he would eat some and have milk after some days he just wanted milk. Take it one day at a time and find something that your boy seems to enjoy.

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