What is your take on tubes for frequent ear infections?


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My strongest memory of life before age 5 is probably of all the earaches and ear infections I had: how they all began with a little ache, and I used to cry because I KNEW what was coming next- slowly building excruciating pain until I fell asleep crying & exhausted and woke up in relief with blood on my pillow in the morning.

Back in those days one of the frequent home remedies well meaning neighbors would suggest was someone blowing smoke into my ear!

Doctors (military doctors- dad was in the army, so health care was free) did prescribe antibiotics, but when ear infections are so frequent, sometimes tubes are the best solution. After tubes at age 5, I never had another ear infection- ever.

20 odd years later, when my son his first ear infection, I was visibly upset in the doctor's office, and the nurse asked me what was wrong. I thought that my childhood experience is what every child went through. I never had an ear infection that was treated successfully with antibiotics- they always ended with the pain and blood on the pillow. It never occurred to me that an ear infection would end any other way.

What a relief when the antibiotics worked. That was his only ear infection, and my daughter never had one.

Tubes were MUCH better for me than the constant ear infections!

Hope this helps...

God bless!

Amber - posted on 05/07/2009




My son just worked out his 2nd set of tubes. He was 2 and 5 when he got each set. If tubes are not done it can cause other problems. My sons first Dr. just kept putting him on antibiotics and said that he would grow out of it. I changed Dr.'s and they tested his hearing. Come to find out he was completely def in one ear and almost in the other. Luckly tubes repaired that. I highly recomend them

Celissa - posted on 05/07/2009




My son was getting ear infections every month, he had like 8 ear infections when he was 3. He's going on 5 now, and both tubes have fallen out, but he hasn't had an ear infections since he got the tubes.....knock on wood.

Adrienne - posted on 05/06/2009




My daughter had them at 2 and had no other ear infections until this spring. She's 5 now and we're getting a 2nd set put in tomorrow. Hoping life is much better after tomorrow!

Denise - posted on 05/06/2009




I think sometimes they are necessary! My daughter had 4 and 5 ear infections in a year. My pediatrician at the time kept putting her on antibiotics when I finally asked for a referral to a specialist. Long story short, she got tubes and had no more ear infections! They have ear plugs that make it real easy to swim and bathe without worries of getting water in their ears.

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