What makes u the proudest about being a mom?


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Knowing I have the opportunity to be a better mom to my little girl than my mom was to me. I love knowing I was blessed to have been chosen to be in this amazing little persons life and to be able to raise her and see her transition. It makes me proud just to be a part of that.

Heather - posted on 06/19/2009




The compliments I get from teachers, sitters, etc. on how well mannered & sweet my chidren are. When my 8 year old was in first grade she was the only child in her grade of 180 children selected to play with the kids in the Special class, because the school wanted to teach these kids how to interact outside of their usual controlled environments. My daughter was chosen because she is friends with everyone, she never judges or snubs anyone. My 16 year old was the only student in her class of over 300 to get the "Good Citizenship Award" for all 3 years in a row at her middle school, for the exact same reason. She takes up for the picked on kids, and has friends of many different backgrounds. So I must be instilling some pretty good values in my daughters and that makes me extremely proud!

Shakira - posted on 06/18/2009




Just knowing that we love each other unconditionally, and she looks up to me despite all my imperfections...she inspires me to be the higher me! That's what makes me a proud mommy...;)

Veronica - posted on 06/18/2009




What a great question. One reason is slightly selfish - the other reason is all about my babies.

Im proud of myself - I could never finish anything in my life, i was a quitter and a runner. Obviously being pregnant you have no way out, painlessly! Going for nine months, and then enduring labor and delivery, I felt like for once I did something good in my life, and finished something.

The second is when my babies come in my room in the morning and hug and kiss us up and say: a moning mama -- their little unconditional love, their precious innocence makes my heart melt and i love them so much more everyday! They are a blessing and joy in my life!

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